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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program DHH



Stratton DHH


Stratton DHH Program

We are proud of  our Stratton Stallions who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing! At our Site Based Program, we use a Bilingual Approach that includes American Sign Language (ASL), Conceptually Accurate Signed English (CASE), Fingerspelling, and Spoken English as needed to develop strong English Literacy, Academic skills and Social skills.  Our students who are Deaf are able to access the same challenging education of their Hearing Peers. This includes having students in the classrooms, in the GT classrooms, and involved in our clubs with full support.  We have Education Assistants and Interpreters who are fluent in American Sign Language and trained in best practices for supporting our students in gaining full access to our curriculum and the great culture at Stratton Elementary School.

EA and Interpreter Training


EA and Interpreter training